Call for submissions

The editorial team of the journal PlaySpace (PS) would like to invite you to collaborate on our journal’s next issue (2024):

Theme III: Exploring the interwar period

PlaySpace (PS) is an international, online, Open Access and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to critical perspectives on artistic research. We wish to be inclusive, and stylistically non-discriminative, and here refer to Artistic Research in the widest sense. This means that we encourage submissions from all forms of artistic- and practice-related research, such as new musicology, performance research, artistic practice, artsbased research, practice as research, performance research, practice-infused research, as well as other ARoffshoots, and interdisciplinary approaches.

The journal accepts submissions in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, or English. Particularly welcome are contributions from PhD-students, post-doc and/or young researchers.

We welcome both short and long essays and articles. Scientific articles should be submitted as a Word document, with length 6000-9000 words, reference list included. The text should include an abstract (ca. 150 words), 3-5 keywords, a reference/ literature list, notes as endnotes and author information (name, institution, email and ORCID iD). Use Times New Roman font size 12 and 1,5 single spacing. Notes and references should be written according to the APA 7th edition style.

In addition to scholarly written essays and articles, we also welcome book reviews, concert reviews etc. and new formats, such as videos, film, visual essays, conversations, and other formats in the visual arts.

The topic for next year´s publication is the interwar period (1918-1939). This pivotal era saw previously uncharted troubles, such as reckoning of the horrors of the first World War, the first modern pandemic, a global economic crash and Europe´s descent into totalitarianism, sublimated into a dynamic fusion of artistic expression, innovation, and societal transformation.

Whether examining influential artists, new compositional styles, choreographies, performance spaces, the impact of the new technologies in artistic expressions, or the socio-cultural impact of artistic movements, submissions should offer insightful analyses and fresh perspectives on this captivating era.

Deadline: March 15, 2024.

How to submit: Register and upload your submission to