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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): Art in the age of Covid
Published: 2022-06-13

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Call for submissions  

PlaySpace (PS) 

Challenging modes of artistic research   

PlaySpace (PS) is a new international, online, Open Access and peer-reviewed journal dedicated to critical perspectives on artistic research. We wish to be inclusive, and stylistically non-discriminative, and here refer to Artistic Research in the widest sense. This means that we encourage submissions from all forms of artistic- and practice-related research, such as new musicology, performance research, artistic practice, arts-based research, practice as research, performance research, practice-infused research, as well as other AR-offshoots, and interdisciplinary approaches. 

PS wants to challenge the normal modes of knowledge transfer within the field, dedicated to exploring experimental solutions to critical writing. PS sees the development of language as an important prerequisite for knowledge transfer, and believe Artistic Research has great potential in developing its own syntax, adapted to its evolving needs.PS therefore invites submissions based on both known and unknown forms of writing – from scientific papers to transcribed conversations and poetry – urging its writers to play with words, play with media, and play with research.  

The journal accepts submissions in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, or English. Particularly welcome are contributions from PhD-students, post-doc and/or young researchers.   

Our first call for submissions takes place in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic and will therefore revolve around this topic. We wish to pursue central questions with regards to the conditions of our art scenes, and look at what solutions have been implemented in order to weather lockdown restrictions, tightly controlled performances and lack of liveness, as well as closed borders, digital platforms and physical distance. How is the current crisis affecting musicians, dancers and artists involved in producing and diffusing music, dance, and art? How do musicians and other cultural workers manage the crisis at an individual and/or collective level? Which new emerging energies, initiatives, platforms, and creative forms have arisen, and how has your working situation changed and been affected by the current pandemic? What might the long-term effect of this be, and what is left at the other end? 

We welcome both short and long essays and articles, with a maximum length of 7 000 words. In addition to scholarly written essays and articles, we also welcome book reviews, concert reviews etc. and new formats, such as videos, film, visual essays, conversations, and other formats in the visual arts.  

How to submit: Register and upload your submission to PlaySpace