Åse Vagli: Behind Closed Doors : Exploring the Institutional Logic of Child Protection Work


  • Sue White



Author Biography

Sue White

Institute of Applied Social Studies, University of Birmingham
United Kingdom


Broadhurst, K.; Wastell, D; White, S; Hall, C; Peckover, S; Thompson, K.; Pithouse, A and Davey D. (advance access 2009) Performing ‘Initial Assessment’: Identifying the Latent Conditions for Error at the Front-Door of Local Authority Children’s Services, British Journal of Social Work Advance Access published 18 January

Broadhurst, K., Hall, C., Pithouse., A., Peckover., S. White., S. and Wastell, D (2010) Risk, instrumentalism and the humane project – identifying the informal logics of risk management in children’s statutory services British Journal of Social Work Special Issue Advance Access published February 1, 2010

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White, S. (2010). Åse Vagli: Behind Closed Doors : Exploring the Institutional Logic of Child Protection Work. Journal of Comparative Social Work, 5(2), 135–138. https://doi.org/10.31265/jcsw.v5i2.67



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