Welfare in Latin America and the Nordic countries – editorial notes


  • Morten Tønnessen
  • Sarah Catherine Patricia Duff Hean
  • Siv Oltedal
  • Angela Peña



Author Biographies

Morten Tønnessen

Professor of Philosophy
Department of Social Studies, University of Stavanger
E-mail: morten.tonnessen@uis.no

Sarah Catherine Patricia Duff Hean

Department of Social Studies, University of Stavanger
E-mail: sarah.c.hean@uis.no

Siv Oltedal

Department of Social Studies, University of Stavanger
E-mail: siv.oltedal@uis.no

Angela Peña

Department of Sociology, University of Havana
E-mail: angelap@ffh.uh.cu


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How to Cite

Tønnessen, M., Hean, S. C. P. D., Oltedal, S., & Peña A. (2019). Welfare in Latin America and the Nordic countries – editorial notes. Journal of Comparative Social Work, 14(1), 1–8. https://doi.org/10.31265/jcsw.v14i1.230

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