Beyond the others’ world

An essay about the experience of social work with a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome


  • Natalia Shavrina



The essay presents a reflection on being a foreign and inexperienced social worker within a Norwegian social work context. I discuss challenges I have met in my work with when Asperger syndrome is diagnosed and reflect on power relations and the issue of self-determination within the field, in addition to analysing some critical incidents that made me rethink and reconstruct all of my experiences. I view my story from different angles and find different perspectives that show various ways of perceiving one thing. I discover the dangerousness of thinking in “black and white” and placing things in exclusive extremes, and lastly, I understand that I need to learn to solve problems by changing attitudes towards them.

Author Biography

Natalia Shavrina

Master student
University of Nordland


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Shavrina, N. (2014). Beyond the others’ world: An essay about the experience of social work with a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome. Journal of Comparative Social Work, 9(1), 109–126.